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AERO Hybrid J-Hook Wiper

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AERO’s Hybrid J-Hook wiper combines the aerodynamic features of the beam style wiper with the precisely positioned pressure points of the conventional metal frame wiper. The hard plastic shell protects the wiper from the natural elements while the metal frame provides optimal windshield contact. The AERO Hybrid wiper offers both style and performance with no compromises.

Product Specifications

  • Product Certificate: Patented Certificate / ISO:9001:2000
  • Material Quality: Grade AAA Rubber (Industrial Highest Grade Material)
  • Wiper Blade Coating: Teflon Coating (Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE))
  • Temperature Tolerance: +158F to -40F (+70C to -40C)
  • Wiping Durability: 1 Million Times of Wiping
  • Warranty: 1-year

Features and benefits include:

  • Tension memory applies even pressure along the entire blade length
  • Specially blended rubber delivers the ultimate smooth, clean, chatter-free wipe
  • Aerodynamic design significantly reduces drag, noise and wind lift
  • Prevents ice and snow build-up from the exposure of metal/plastic components
  • Durable material offer longer performance life over other conventional wiper blades
  • Warranty: 6-month
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