AERO 1st Generation J-Hook Wiper

AERO’s J-Hook wiper is the 1st generation of the Beam framelss wiper technology.  It’s unique curved frame conforms to the sleeker, more curved windshields on today’s vehicles.  It’s design helps keep snow and ice off the wiper so it can be used as an all season wiper.

Features and Benefits

  • All-Season wiper blades eliminate the need for a snow or summer blades
  • OEM replacement, quality and fitment are guaranteed
  • Durable material offers longer performance life over other conventional wiper blades
  • Specially blended rubber delivers the ultimate smooth, clean, streak-free and chatter-free wipe
  • Flexible spine design fits the windshield better, providing superior windshield contact
  • Aerodynamic design significantly reduces drag, noise and wind lift Frameless, Beam design helps prevents snow and ice buildup